Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Story in One Day: BBQ

1. Chef Jon Chevalier slits the membrane on pork ribs to give the ribs more surface area, which then allows the ribs to absorb more flavor from the spice rub, at the Battle of the BBQ in Ashland, Mo. Sept. 12, 2009. Chevalier was a police sergeant in Ashland for many years, he now owns a resturant and catering business in Hartsburg, Mo.

2. Chevalier lifts charcoal for his second grill at the Battle of the BBQ. Chevalier specalizes in Memphis style BBQ pork ribs.

3. Chevalier places racks of pork ribs in his smoker grill. His smoker can hold up to 32 racks of ribs.

4. Mary-Lou Mayse and her daughter-in-law Jennifer Mayse bought two racks of ribs.

5. Chevalier prepares his pork ribs entry for the judges. He placed third in the BBQ chicken category, but did not win any awards for his ribs.