Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oops.... and a Starfish!


I tried to have an adventure on a beautiful, sunny, 45℉ day here in Portland, Maine. I drove down to the Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, and brought my new point-and-shoot camera. I was rocking out on the shore, splashing around in the waves (I was wearing galoshes) when I found a starfish! SO EXCITING! It was cute, and kinda clung to my finger.

When I was putting said starfish back in the ocean, my camera fell off my wrist and into the ocean. So, I quickly fished it out and rushed it to the grocery store, where I bought a bag of rice. My new birthday camera is now submerged in a bowl of uncooked rice in the vain hope that the rice will dry it out....

I just wanted to have an adventure, and I dropped my camera in the ocean. Fantastic.

P.S. -- I FIXED IT! THE RICE WORKED! I have a dry, functional and image-making point-and-shoot camera again! Victory is mine!