Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello, Michigan! Hello, Friends!


I was happily in my beloved hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan with my two dear friends Tara (who hosted) and Meg. Meg has the most photogenic hair in the world. It's just crazy-awesome-colorful-distincitive and is always interesting to look at.

I also decided to take it super-easy on the camera packing. I brought my Nikon Coolpix S3000 (the one that I saved after I dropped it in the Atlantic on it's first voyage) instead of my whole DSLR kit and kaboodle. I was happy not to be so weighed down for the weekend, but I think my results were less visually interesting. I just didn't try as hard to make good images with the point-and-shoot. And, the second I bumped up the ISO the image quality tanked-- which it true of my D60, but I feel I can compensate better with that camera.

But mostly, I had a fabulous time with my fabulous friends. Someday, we will all live much nearer to each other and not in a Michigan-Maine-Virginia travel triangle of death!

(See more photos on my flickr!)